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How sustainable are the brands in MOANA Surf Boutique?

Sustainable shopping is the alternative to 'Fast Fashion' and is defined by 3 principles: 1. Good: superior fabrics and craftmanship quality 2. Clean: Production that does not harm the environment 3. Fair: good prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers. We love this principle and work only with brands that have a program within one of these principles. Unfortunately the surf industry is not 100% clean in production, but we are very proud that right now 100% of our brands in MOANA do have a program on sustainability and strive to be as sustainable as possible. Of course the extent to which sustainability is applied differs per brand. Ask us anytime for more specific info on each brand!

I offer sustainable (hand made) goods, how do I join MOANA?

We are always open for cool (local) new products that fit the MOANA spirit. We love to hear from you. Just reach out at info@moanabonaire.com

Can I order MOANA's products online?

Shopped in MOANA, fell in love with a certain model or brand and would like to reorder? Or seen our insta feed and would like to shop it? You are not the first! On request we do (re) orders. Just reach out through our contact page or send an email to info@moanabonaire.com. Make sure to mention brand, model and size and ofcourse your name and adress. We'll get back to you within 24 hours with all order info.

Im coming to Bonaire, how is the wind?

Bonaire has some of the best wind stats in the Caribbean with 300+ days of wind a year and the northeasterly trades average 18 knots most of the time, but can ramp up to 30-35 knots in May and June. Conditions carry on through the summer and can be good in October and November as well. The wind dips down from late September onwards, but you can still score fun big kite or foiling sessions. You’ll be riding nine to 11 metre kites mostly with some seven metre days in there as well. Water temps remain at 26 - 28°C / 79°F - 82°F all year, so you won’t need a wetsuit and air temps are also really warm (in Bonaire you're only 50 miles from South America after all) ranging from 28 - 32°C / 82 °F to 90°F.

Can you tell me the best kite spots on Bonaire?

On Bonaire you'll be kiting in the national Marine Park. Because this is a protected area, there is one designated kitespot: Atlantis Kitebeach. Only guided by Kiteboarding Bonaire you can explore other spots. At Atlantis Kitebeach you'll find clean, unbroken offshore winds and ultra-flat water, which is the most brilliant shade of blue you could imaginable! The bay's wide with plenty of space for everyone and though the beach shelves away quite quickly, it's sandy in the shallows so you don't need to wear booties. Because of the obstruction-free water, this is a great spot for beginners, freestyle riders and foilers thanks to the lack of sand bars and low lying reef. Don't be put off by the offshore winds either, our kiteschool – Kiteboarding Bonaire – is right on the beach with safety boat cover should you need it. Want to explore other spots? Due to the protected Marine Park only guided exploring is possible. Kiteboarding Bonaire offers guided downwinders to the uninhibited island of Klein Bonaire or on request to other area's. For more info on Kiteboarding Bonaire's full services, see next question!

Can I get more info on Kiteboarding Bonaire?

Kiteboarding Bonaire is the biggest kiteschool on Bonaire. Operating since 2001 it is the oldest school, you'll find Kiteboarding Bonaire in a big blue american schoolbus on Atlantis Beach. The kiteschool is open daily between 9.00 am - 6.00 pm. Kiteboarding Bonaire is a certified IKO school. That means that all instructors are IKO certified and teach all levels and all safety procedures are up to IKO standards. Teaching is done private or at max ratio 2:1 at Atlantis Kitebeach. They run rescue service, do rentals, and are stocked with brand new Duotone, Slingshot and CrazyFly gear. There’s also wifi, a chill-out area, a rinse area and an air compressor for easy inflating of your kites. For more info visit: www.kiteboardingbonaire.com / info@kiteboardingboanire.com / +599 701 5483

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